Exploring the Hidden Gem of Dubai Mall: Borders Bookstore

A Serene Escape for Bibliophiles and Stationery Lovers

The Dubai Mall, known for its grandeur and bustling crowds, houses an array of high-profile stores and attractions. But amidst this lively atmosphere, there’s a peaceful haven for book lovers and stationery enthusiasts – Borders Bookstore.

Hidden in Plain Sight Located on the lower level, Borders may not share the widespread recognition of Kinokuniya, yet it offers a charming and diverse range of books, art supplies, toys, and office items. Easily accessible through the nearby Waitrose Supermarket doors, it’s conveniently situated next to the popular DAISO store.

A Treasure Trove of Books and More Borders welcomes its visitors with a wide variety of books and a vibrant selection of stationery and gifts. It’s a place where tranquility meets discovery, allowing you to explore shelves filled with literary and creative treasures.

My Personal Experience During my visit, I was in search of new books and a diary for the upcoming year. The variety and ambiance of Borders provided a delightful shopping experience, far from the typical hustle and bustle of the mall.

Timing Your Visit A key tip for those planning to visit Borders in Dubai Mall: mornings are golden. The mall is significantly less crowded in the morning hours compared to the evening or night. This timing ensures a more relaxed and enjoyable browsing experience, letting you fully immerse in the world of books and creativity without the distraction of heavy crowds.

  • Diverse Selection: An array of books, art supplies, and unique stationery items await you.
  • Convenient Location: Nestled in a less crowded part of the mall, offering a peaceful retreat.
  • Morning Bliss: Experience the store in a calm setting by visiting in the morning.

What I bought today

Final Thoughts Borders at Dubai Mall is not just a bookstore; it’s a celebration of reading and creativity. Whether you’re after the latest bestsellers, unique office supplies, or thoughtful gifts, this store is a must-visit. Enjoy a peaceful morning exploring this hidden gem!